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Message from the President: Mark Santoni

My wife and I started our business in 1979 in Royal Oak, MI. We incorporated in 1980 and secured insurance. Several people in the skilled trades industry told us that the only way to succeed in business was to take advantage of unsuspecting clients. We did not believe that then. And now we are still determined to prove to ourselves and others that we are called to pursue higher standards in business.

People like to do repeat business with our company because we treat our clients like we would like to be treated. It is our goal to treat them with respect for their persons, their ideas, and their specific needs. We are privileged to have had, at the inception of our establishment, clients who believed in our mechanical abilities and our desire to care for them as family. Thirty years later, we still service them, their families, and their friends. We are thankful for what our clients have taught us along the way. Our success cannot be measured by our corporate profit margin, but is confirmed by the confidence and satisfaction expressed by our customers.

Mark Santoni

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